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Our Be Ambitious philosophy drives our educational offer. We believe there is no limit to what your child can achieve. We ignite your child’s curiosity and tell them to reach for their dreams.

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We are committed to maintaining an environment that supports inquiry and academic excellence, emotional and physical well-being, appreciation of the arts and diverse cultures, integrity and ethical behavior.

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We work with fostering critical and creative thinking and collaborative problem solving through a robust curriculum delivered by engaging and dedicated educators.


Success Stories


Erica Romaguera

Mom from Quebek

Parents choose this education because they offer academic, social and personal success for every student.

Chet Weimann

Father from Boston

My daughter loves the content, and loves the interaction and feedback. It keeps her off games and mindless activities.

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We strive to provide our students with different opportunities for learning including early childhood education, quality neighbourhood schools, district-wide programs and schools, alternative learning, and adult education.